Currently the financial possibilities are increasingly limited. Every possibility must be exploited. The European Commission promotes the transition from lump-sum subsidies to soft loans and multiplier lending, either through Revolving, Leverage, Sources of finance, or through fund management (Fund of funds). Indicatively, they include: JD, Jessica, Jeremy, etc.

Apart from the leverage tools, there are also purely European programs. Examples are: LIFE Programs, Horizon 2020, and others. Depending on the type of the organization and the target needs, the possibilities offered by the above programs can be exploited as appropriate.

  • Exploiting funding and financing tools from Greece & Europe
  • Business strategy and economic development services
  • Strategic planning of organizations and companies
  • Local and Regional Development
  • Development of NSRF files
  • Staff evaluation
  • Marketing penetration research & reports
  • Real Estate

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