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McAllen & Warden Consultants is a provider of knowledge and information. It is a guide for consulting and how it should be done internationally. We provide specialized services in a way accessible and accessible.

Services are grouped into the following areas:

The smooth and qualitative development of each project requires the development of rational and in-depth studies capable of guaranteeing its success, as well as of any problems that may arise. Studies are differentiated according to their subject in different categories eg. Spatial planning and regulatory, urban planning, organizational and operational research studies, etc. Classification of class studies is aimed at specializing the scholars so that they can offer targeted and quality services.

Our studies are characterized by objectivity and impartiality and aim at producing, intervening, designing and depicting a technical project, as well as methods of developing and designing the wider space, so as to ensure the choice of the best technical and scientific proposal.

At McAllen & Warden Consultants we are able to provide:

  • Environmental Studies and Surveys
  • - Environmental Impact Studies and Special Environmental Studies for technical projects (hotels, roads, hospitals, etc.).
    - Studies of the natural environment in relation to land use and environmental impact assessment.
    - Performing specialized sampling to study the degree of pollution of soils from natural or man-made origin.

  • Geological Studies
  • - Geological suitability studies in the areas to be redeveloped.
    - Geological Suitability Studies in the framework of GIS, etc.

  • Hydrogeological Studies and Surveys
  • - Locating water.
    - Quantitative and qualitative characterization of characteristic waters.
    - Water management.

  • Geophysical Studies and Surveys
  • - Detection of aquifers, pipelines, objects, antiquities, planes, etc.

  • Static studies
  • Topographic Studies
  • Architectural Designs
  • Electromechanical studies

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